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Marketing Plan

Water Vista Realty’s Marketing Plan:

When you list your home with Water Vista Realty we understand the need for a customized marketing plan for your home. Here are the marketing strategies we use.

Internet Marketing – the process in buying and selling a home has evolved through the years. Today over 90% of international and domestic homebuyers utilize the Internet first before viewing homes with agents. With over 30% of homebuyers buying homes site unseen. To facilitate international buyers our website translates from English to 40 international languages. To increase your homes exposure, Water Vista realty, encourages and allows other brokerages world wide to advertise your property on their websites. As a cloud commuting company, it’s our job promote your property via the world wide web’s real estate centric websites.
-Water Vista Realty understands how important email campaigns are in reaching buyers whose criteria matches’ potential interest in your home. We have worked many years in obtaining an extensive email list complied with hundreds of active homebuyers actively searching South Florida for properties.
– Water Vista Realty syndicates all our client’s listings to via the world wide web’s real estate centric websites. Key websites are Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, HomeFinder, AOL Real Estate, Yahoo Real Estate, HotPads, Oodle, as well as 80 other sites, Blogs and RSS feed syndication techniques. An established social media presence skillfully maintained by our IT team, also handles promoting your home on all mainstream social sites.

Direct mail – Water Vista Realty uses direct mail campaigns to reach individual prospects that are looking for homes in your area.

Proper MLS placement – By purposely implementing low overhead costs it allows us to pass substantial savings onto you without sacrificing superior service. We are not a real estate firm that discounts because we passively market your listing on the MLS. The low overhead costs and substantial savings our client’s benefit from is based on our companies platform utilizing cloud computing. We have had a major jump-start on our competition. Water Vista Realty’s cloud based computing and proficiency in being technically savvy, we know merely listing your home on the MLS is not what it takes to get it sold. Strategically planned MLS ad’s enhance and set your MLS listing apart from the tens of thousands of others here alone in Palm Beach County.

Virtual Tours and Photography – With today’s technological advances it comes to no surprise when you hear of people sorting through and hand picking listings online before meeting with a realtor. Consumers are researching and becoming more knowledgeable through the power of the Internet. The vital importance of having professional photos and virtual tours is to ensure properly depict your home’s unique selling features. A poorly designed advertisement, one that lacks high quality photographs and displaying less than 20 photos comprises over 25% of the listings online today. Some listings lack pictures all together.

Print Advertising: The current data regarding print advertising reflects that it is no longer an effective marketing tool. According to the National Association Of Realtors, 23% of buyers used print newspaper advertisements and real estate centric magazines to find information on homes, with only 1% of those buyers actually purchasing their homes from those same print ads. Water Vista Realty believes in active marketing. Employing effective marketing tactics followed with realtors who are actively marketing in your local area creates a recipe for success.